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Success in Online Learning

Welcome to online learning at TC3!

In order to be successful with online learning, you should possess the following basic skills:

  • Basic skills with computers and the Internet
  • Strong skills in reading and comprehension
  • Strong college writing skills
  • Motivation and self-discipline
  • Easy and frequent access to a computer with word processing and an Internet connection

If you are unsure as to whether or not you meet these needs, speak with your advisor or contact the Enrollment Services Center via E-mail or call 607.844.6580.

Be successful in Online learning!

Campus Technology regularly runs 2-3 on-campus orientation sessions during the week prior to the start of classes (spring and fall). This orientation usually lasts about an hour and covers the following topics: how to login to your course, how to manage your time in an online course, how to submit assignments online, how to take tests online, how to participate in online discussions and how to navigate your online course.

Login to myTC3 with your username and password then click myWEB COURSES to access ANGEL.

For login problems, contact the TC3 Help Desk.  If you have problems once inside of ANGEL, contact the SLN Help Desk.

In order to help you in the fastest way possible, please include the following information in your message:

  • Full Name (as registered with the college)
  • Phone Number/Email Address where you can be reached
  • Course Name, Code and Section Number of the course that you are trying to access (ex. Academic Writing, ENGL101, section AL1)


Login help
ANGEL help
(607) 844-8222 ext. 4550
(800) 875-6269


Need information about a program?

Check out the online catalog or for specific program information.

To obtain FREE access to the Baker Learning Center's Online Tutoring Services, E-mail Marilyn Webb.